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Get a New U.S. Passport in as little as 24 hours. We specialize in same-day passport services in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and throughout the United States. Get a new U.S. passport today.

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Step-by-Step Checklist Overview & Passport Application Instructions

Step 1 Complete & Print the DS-11 Passport Application Form

Online Application Print DS-11 Application

  1. Please complete the U.S. Department of State’s DS-11 application form. Be advised that the DS-11 application must be completed online and then printed for submission. Applications may be completed at one of our local offices.
    – Hand written forms are NOT accepted.
  2. Applicants must appear before an Acceptance Agent to have their signature witnessed. The Witnessing signature fee is $35.
  3. Do NOT sign and date your application until you are instructed to do so by an Acceptance Agent.
  4. Once the application is sealed by an Acceptance Agent, they will return it to you (Do not open or break the sealed package). The sealed package MUST be submitted to the U.S. State Department within five days.

Step 2: Print & Complete (1) Original Letter of Authorization Form

Print The Letter of Authorization
  1. One Signed Original LOA must be submitted.
  2. The Letter of Authorization enables The Passport & Visa Company to hand carry your expedited passport application and certified documents into the US Department of State on your behalf. The LOA authorizes our agents to be notified and address any potential problems that may arise during the passport expediting process.

Step 3: Provide (2) Passport-Size Photographs

  1. Identical taken within the last six months showing your current appearance
  2. Color Photo
  3. Full face, front view with a plain white or off-white background.
  4. 2×2 Passport sized between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  5. Taken in normal street attire. Uniforms should not be worn in photographs except religious attire that is worn daily.
  6. Do NOT wear a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.
  7. If you normally wear prescription glasses, you MUST REMOVE them for your passport photograph.
  8. Dark glasses or nonprescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless you need them for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be required.
  9. Do NOT wear a white shirt

Step 4: (1) Proof of Personal Identification

Provide the ORIGINAL of ONE of the following:

  • A Valid Driver’s License
  • A Current Government Identification (city, state or federal)
  • A Current Military Identification (for military applicants and dependents)
  • A Previously Issued & Undamaged U.S. Passport A Naturalization Certificate


Step 5: Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Provide an ORIGINAL of ONE of the following:

  1. A Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate issued by the County, City, or State of Birth to INCLUDE the FULL NAMES of the applicant’s parent(s).
    Short, abstract, novelty or hospital birth certificates are NOT acceptable.
    Birth Certificates MUST include the following information and is referred to as the “long-form”
    – Applicants Full Name
    – Date of Birth
    – Place of Birth
    – Applicants Parents Full Name
    – A raised, embossed, impressed or multi-colored seal of the issuing authority
    – The Registrar’s Signature
    – The date the birth certificate was filed with the Registrar’s Office. NOTE: Must be filed within one year from date of birth.
  2. A Previous Issued & Undamaged U.S. Passport
  3. A Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240); or Certification of Birth Abroad (Form DS-1325); or Certificate of Citizenship.
  4. A Naturalization Certificate from USCIS.

Step 6: Proof of Travel

  1. Copy of your international airline, bus, or cruise ticket or a round trip itinerary.
  2. If traveling by personal vehicle, an original letter from the applicant addressed to the US Department of State-Passport Agency detailing your international travel plans.
  3. An original, signed letter from your employer on the company’s letterhead, address to the US Department of State – Passport Agency detailing your international travel.

Step 7: Government Fees

  1. Provide a check or money order made payable to the US Department of State for $170.00. NOTE: Please indicate your Full Name and Date of Birth in the memo field of your check.
    Example: (Pauline LeAnn Brazo 10-Oct-1980).
  2. In lieu of providing a separate check, this government fee can be paid with the expedite fee as part of your “Order.” The Passport and Visa Company will provide the check on your behalf to the Department of State.
    You must make an appearance at an Acceptance Agency to have your signature witnessed. You can look up the closest witnessing facility location based on zip code by going to
    Location Finder
    Some locations require appointments. Each location will indicate the facility name, street address, city, and pubic phone number, the hours of acceptance and the days.
  3. Provide a check, money order, cash, or credit card payment for the Witnessing Execution Fee of $35.00 at the Acceptance Agency. Note: Not all locations accept credit card payments and an additional service fee may apply.

Step 8: Upload Documents for TPVC Review

[ticket-form]Upload Docs[/ticket-form]

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2-5 Days Business Days – Fees Include Processing Fee: $200.00 & Government Fee: $170, 6-9 Days Business Days – Fees Include Processing Fee: $100.00 & Government Fee: $170, 24 Hours Processing – Fees Include Processing Fee: $300.00 & Government Fee: $170, 10-14 Business Days – Fees Include Processing Fee: $75.00 & Government Fee: $170


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